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Partnership for Innovation

Georgian ICT Cluster is a collaborative platform for ICT industry stakeholders that supports the establishment of business linkages locally and internationally in order to increase the competitiveness of the Georgian ICT industry and ultimately contribute to the economic development of the country.

Cluster Members

Georgian ICT Cluster members represent leader ICT companies providing solutions based on cyber-physical technologies for e-governance and public administration, financial industry, transport and logistics, education and knowledge management, science and culture, healthcare and social security, agriculture and construction.

Business Development and Export

We aim to support development of Georgia becoming the regional (Black Sea & Caspian Sea) leading exporter based on existing expertise in e-government services, fintech, logistics, education and knowledge management and other fields.


Policy and Regulation

We work with policy makers to enable legislative framework to support the ecosystem for knowledge-based cyber-physical businesses supporting system that attracts local and regional startups and venture capital to the country and industry.


Skills and Education

Our goal is to improve skills of professionals working in the ICT industry and developing educational programs that will be adapted to the needs of ICT Industry Stakeholders and the market trends as a whole.

Georgia's global ranking and stats

starting a business
190 nd in
ease of doing business
190 th in
enforcing contracts
190 th in
enterprises have internet access
% of

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