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To foster long term sustainable growth and innovation in the country we aim to support creation of new educational programs and workforce development. Our objectives span through identification of market trends and requirements for ICT education and skills development, supporting development of educational programs, building capacity of Georgian ICT companies, increasing awareness of ICT education and support cultural change, as well as advocating and backing of development of R&D practices. To accomplish these goals we are engaged in the following activities:

Skills market research

Conducting research of ICT market and trends for required skills and professions within local, regional and global scope.

Workforce awareness​

Building Georgian workforce databases for existing and demanded jobs, and insights for future requirements.

Capacity building

Training the Cluster members and partners staff in various fields, including technical skills development, as well as marketing, sales, customer experience, product and service design.

Education programs

Developing partnerships with K12, VET and higher education providers, initiative groups or individuals willing to redesign existing or develop new ICT and entrepreneurial education programs, as well as diverse  instructional methodologies and content.

Collaboration mechanisms

Organizing round tables and discussions with universities, education providers, policy makers and other stakeholders to develop partnerships and open collaboration mechanisms.

Education policy

Working with education policy makers and leaders through consultation meetings, round tables and conferences regarding professional competences, qualifications and curriculum in ICT.

Teacher development

Supporting professional development of ICT teachers through organizing trainings and seminars.

Young startups

Organizing events for students (K12, VET, HE) and young ICT professionals, including hackathons, contests, conferences, boot-camps and seminars in various specific subject areas.

Prospective youngsters

Developing mechanisms for internships, scholarships, mentorships and institutional support.

Research & Development

Designing and implementing ICT Research and Development projects in collaboration with universities and other stakeholders.